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Ethiopia Benti Nenka Natural Process

Ethiopia Benti Nenka Natural Process

SKU: 0006

Aromatic esters of ripe banana are strong in aroma, flavors of banana bread, baking spices, ripe fruits, a wonderful dried blueberry note and Dutch drinking cocoa.


RegionBenti Nenka, Hambela Wamena, Guji
ProcessingDry Process (Natural)
Drying MethodRaised Bed Sun-Dried
CropAugust 2020 Arrival

The Benti Nenka processing site is located in a village ("Kebele") of the same name within the Hambela Wamena region, Ethiopia's Guji Zone. It's a sister site to Hambela Dabaye, that you may be familiar with from previous years from which we also have a dry processed lot available right now. This is from the same station owner, Kedir Hassan, a proficient and capable engineer as well as coffee farmer. He's erected a few stations in Hambela Wamena region, some producing both washed and dry process ("naturals") coffees, though Benti Nenka only produces naturals. Of course he did not complete them on his own, and thanks to his long standing connection with the the people in this area, he had much needed community support on his side. Kedir splits bamboo reeds for constructing his drying beds, so they're flat and quite sturdy. You see a lot of chicken wire used at other sites, which tends to sag, creating uneven coffee layers. This lot is only comprised of coffee from the small holders in the Benti Nenka area, whose farms span an altitude range of roughly 1900 to 2100 meters above sea level.

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